Welcome to Montgomery lodge

We are a Freemasons' Lodge in Milford, Massachusetts, chartered on September 16, 1797, by M. W. Paul Revere, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts. This site was established to communicate the activities of the lodge to the community, and provide some basic education on the history of the Lodge and Freemasonry.


About Montgomery Lodge

Montgomery Lodge is one of 23 Masonic Lodges within the United States founded by Paul Revere.

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Brief History of Masonry in the USA

Freemasonry has historically played a fundamental role in several major world events, including the establishment of independance of our United States of America.

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York Rite bodies

The York Rite consists of three separate Masonic bodies: Royal Arch Chapter (the Capitular Degrees), Council of Royal and Select Master Masons (the Cryptic Degrees) and Knights Templar (the Chivalric Orders). 

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Lodge News

Greetings Brethren! 


Right Worshipful Edward M. Iacovelli will be in attendance for the regularl scheduled December meeting, on the 4th of December.  This wil be Right Worshipful's last official visit to his home Lodge, and we're hoping to make it a special one.  Your registration for the meal is strongly recommneded in order to ensure that we have enough food for all, without spending the yearly budget!  Please register using the link below.:


Special note:  No need to print out a 'ticket,' and although there is no charge, there will be a recommended donation.  


 If you plan on attending, please RSVP the Junior Warden through the event link below:




Have you ever wanted to get text or email updates when new information is posted to the Lodge site?  Well now you can!  There is a free service called IFTTT (If This Then That) which enables you to integrate various aspects of your digital life.  I've created two 'Recipes' and copied their information below.  One recipe will send text messages to your phone when new Lodge Updates are posted, and the other will send you an email when Lodge Updates are posted.  


If you have any questions or need help, just contact the Webmaster!




Link to Recipe for Emailing Lodge Updates


Link to Recipe for Receiving SMS of Lodge Updates