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What Is Montgomery Lodge

Montgomery Lodge is one of 23 Masonic Lodges within the United States founded by Paul Revere. Most Worshipful Paul RevereWhile Paul Revere is most famous for his Midnight Ride, warning of the start of the Revolutionary War, he was also a reknowned silver and copper smith (responsible for the copper fastenings on the hull of the“USS Constitution” ), famously known as “Old Ironsides”. Not only a transcendent figure in the early history of the United States, Paul Revere was also a very significant contributor to Masonry in the New World, and described his election as Grand Master of the Massachusetts Grand Lodge as “The greatest happiness of his life.” Montgomery Lodge was chartered by Paul Revere on September 16, 1797, and remains to this day a significant contributor to the surrounding community.

The Lodge is named after General Richard Montgomery (1736-1775). Richard Montgomery was an officer in the British army during the French and Indian war, and was a strong supporter of the American colonists within the British Parliament. During the American Revolutionary War, General Montgomery served as a secondranking Brigadier General, leading the Colonial Army into Canada by capturing Montreal. Unfortunately, General Montgomery fell on December 31, 1775, during the offensive to capture Quebec at the side of Colonel Benedict Arnold. General Montgomery left behind a wife, Janet Livingston, daughter of Robert R. Livingston, Justice of the New York Supreme Court, member of the committee that wrote the Declaration of Independence, Grand Master of the New York Grand Lodge, and the official who administered George Washington’s first presidential oath of office, which was, needless to say, performed using the Masonic Holy Bible of the Grand Lodge of New York.

Today Montgomery Lodge consists of civic professionals, businessmen, engineers, tradesmen, artisans, all of various industries. Regardless of economic or professional status, all brothers are equal within the lodge. The primary goals in common with all men within the lodge is the desire to improve character among themselves, and contribute to the betterment of the surrounding community.

Montgomery Lodge is always looking for men of good moral character interested in contributing to the surrounding community, through the oldest and most respected fraternity in the world.