The York Rite

The York Rite consists of three separate Masonic bodies: Royal Arch Chapter (the Capitular Degrees), Council of Royal and Select Master Masons (the Cryptic Degrees) and Knights Templar (the Chivalric Orders).  Chapter consists of four degrees that will take you from the building of the first temple to the excavation of that temple after its destruction.  Along the way you will find that which was lost.

There are three degrees in Council that are often referred to as the Three Little Jewels of Masonry.  Here you will achieve a greater understanding of the Masonic procedures and legends upon which our craft is based.

In the Knights Templar you will travel from the time of Darius of Persia; visit the Isle of Malta with St. Paul; learn of the history of the Knights both in Malta and Rhodes; and finally be knighted into this Order of Christian knighthood in a most spectacular ceremony.

All the degrees and orders areconferred in full form with active participation by the candidates and in costume when appropriate.

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